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Private Yoga, Breathwork + Coaching

I’m here to support you – with or without previous knowledge –  in discovering the wisdom of your body through private yoga, coaching and breathwork in Berlin.  What characterises my sessions: love, clarity and mindfulness. Let me support you on your (inner) journey.

“No matter what road I travel – I am going home“ – Shinso

 Soul Yoga

Soul Yoga is your return to what is essential for you. Your return home.

This way of practicing Yoga creates a safe space where you can truly listen to your inner resonances, receive the sacred messages your body and heart hold in store for you, and grow to trust them deeply. Through encountering yourself in this intimate and honest way, you will be able to explore your personal boundaries in a new way and activate your innermost power and clarity: both on the mat and in your daily life.

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Soul Yoga
Yoga in Berlin

„In your humanness lies the seed and a deeper knowing of who you are. Yoga simply awakens this part in you that has always been there hidden under the surface.“



Yoga can help you finding balance within the stresses of everyday life. I support you in coping with the sensory overload.



Somatic Bodywork Coaching is based on the Pantarei Approach and is a holistic, process-oriented approach.



Allow your breath to touch and nourish your innermost core. Our conscious breath is a key to our emotional and mental state.



A private session can be very effective in helping you realise your unique goals. The individualised practice is tailored specifically to your needs, challenges, and your constitution. There is no universal practice since we are all unique. In my sessions, I recombine the essences of all the different Yoga styles and trainings I have experienced and trained in over the years.

Perrsonal Yoga in Berlin

What other’s are saying

“I‘ve had various one-on-one sessions with Alexa and can honestly say that she is one of the absolute top yoga teacher‘s I‘ve had the pleasure of working with.
My experience with her has been shaped by the fact that we both are working with energy, too, and the way in which she is able to read my body and to find out exactly what it needs to let go of tension is incredible! The only problem is – these one-to-ones make it hard to do yoga anywhere else, they are so good.
Thank you for all that you are and all that you bring, Alexa!!!”

Hannah, Coach & Healer
Ich habe Yoga erst vor rund einem Jahr für mich entdeckt. Ein Glück bin ich ohne Umwege bei Alexa gelandet. In 90 Minuten macht Sie mit unglaublichem Feingefühl aus einer gehetzten, verspannten, auf das Außen konzentrierten Arbeitsmaschine eine in sich ruhende, fest auf beiden Füssen stehende Person. Mit ihr habe ich eine Lehrerin/Trainerin (wie nennt man das?) gefunden, die meine Bedürfnisse jede Stunde aufs Neue erkennt und bei der ich mich sehr gut aufgehoben fühle.
Danke Alexa, dass du mir Yoga auf so wunderbare Weise näher gebracht hast!
Kathrin, Product Owner

“Seit mehr als 6 Jahren begleitet mich Alexa auf meinem persönlichen Yogaweg und hat mich dabei immer wieder unterstützt meine innere Balance wieder zu finden, die im hektischen Alltag schnell mal aus dem Blickfeld verschwinden kann. Ihre achtsame Haltung ist unglaublich berührend und wohltuend, die man in jedem Workshop, Reatreat oder jeder Gruppen-/Einzelstunde spüren darf. Einfach eintauchen, atmen und spüren…”

Daniela, Psychologin, Psychotherpaeutin i.A.

“Yoga never imposed anything on to me and never forced me anywhere. It simply reminded me of who I am and empowered me to walk with integrity and kindness. That’s why I fell in love with Yoga.” – Alexa Posth