Alexa Posth Yoga Berlin

Hi, I’m Alexa!

The body is my domain.

I invite you to explore the intricate and insightful world of body language.

Since I was young, I have had an innate ability to perceive people’s moods and energy beyond what they express verbally.

The non-verbal realm spoke louder and clearer to me than words. I’ve learned to trust my

sensitivity and intuition. Transitioning from inner turmoil to clarity and resilience.

This is now the cornerstone of my work’s effectiveness.

Fun Facts

  1. I am born in Bavaria and lived in Shangai before I settled in Berlin.
  2. I always loved to move and to explore the possibilities of my body. I started dancing when I was 5, studied Musical, experimented with Martial Arts and Feldenkrais before I became a Yoga Teacher.
  3. I believe that every body and every person is unique and there is not just one right way. That is why I love to work 1:1
  4. Peoples stories and biographies touch me deeply. They reveal so much about a person and their uniqueness.
  5. Emotions and feelings are what brings color to life.
  6. I have found my second home in Istria. I love to travel between the big city and a little village surrounded by nature


  • Movingness Teacher Training (Somatic Movement)
  • Pantarei Approach Practitioner Training (Somatic Bodywork Coaching)
  • Teacher Immersion (Donnah Fahri)
  • Spirit Yoga 500+ Teacher Training: Yoga Philosophy Module (Ralf Skuban; A. Krupp)
  • Svastha Yogatherapy: The Psychology of Yoga 1&2
  • Yoga Therapy Training (Simon Borg Olivier)
  • Pranayama Teacher Training (Cindy Lee)
  • Svastha Yogatherapy Modul 1&2
  • YogaJaya 300+ International Teacher Training: Pranayama & Philosophy Module (Emil Wendel), Anatomy & Physiology (Simon Borg Olivier)
  • 200*+ Spirit Yoga Teacher Training, Inner Axis & Breathwork Training (MaxStrom)
  • Additional Trainings: Reiki1 & Basic Theta Healing (Dr. Hannah Arnold), Life Energy Work (Andreja Les), Salubrious Angel Training (Mari Nil)

My Teaching Experience

  • Private Sessions
  • Guest Teacher at Romanktikhotel Schweizerhof Flims, Switzerland; Haus Hirt, Bad Gastein Austria
  • Group Sessions at Spirit Yoga Berlin
  • Business Yoga (Sprüth Magers, Gallerie Jeppe Heinch, Ikea, Landesvertretung Hamburg, amongst others)
  • Yoga Retreats & Workshops in Germany & Europe
  • Senior Teacher & Mentor at Spirit Yoga Berlin
  • Teaching Pranayama & Breathing  at 200+Spirit Yoga Teacher Training & YogaTeam Berlin Teacher Training, Kalaa Yoga 300+ Teacher Training



Yoga can help you finding balance within the stresses of everyday life. I support you in escaping the sensory overload.


Somatic Bodywork Coaching is based on the Pantarei Approach and is a holistic, process-oriented approach.



Allow your breath to touch and nourish your innermost core. Our conscious breath is a key to our emotional and mental state.


A private session can be very effective in helping you realise your unique goals. The individualised practice is tailored specifically to your needs, challenges, and your constitution. There is no universal practice since we are all unique. In my sessions, I recombine the essences of all the different Yoga styles and trainings I have experienced and trained in over the years.

Perrsonal Yoga in Berlin
What other’s are saying:

„Was ich an deinen Kursen besonders schätze, ist dein abwechslungsreiches, in der Wirkung lösendes Yoga, das ruhig fliesst, gleichwohl gezielt in die Kraft geht, ohne je zu überfordern. Jede Yogapraxis mit dir, so verlässlich sie in der umsichtigen Anleitung ist, birgt überraschende neue Erfahrungen, und wenn ich aus einer deiner Yogastunden komme, fühle ich mich verjüngt – ein wunderbares Gefühl.“

Isabella, Texterin & Übersetzerin

„Für Dich, Alexa! Zu dir zu kommen, bedeutet für mich zur Ruhe zu kommen.Durch deine warmherzig und offene Ausstrahlung konnte ich mich sofort auf dich einlassen und von dir lernen. Du brachtest mir bei, meinem Atem noch mehr Aufmerksamkeit zu schenken, mich zu öffnen und durch das Yoga mir selbst jeden Tag ein Stück näher zu sein. Frei zu sein. Ich danke Dir aus tiefstem Herzen. Bis bald! Namaste!“

Anke, Yogalehrerin, Sängerin

„Wer sich wirklich erholen, sich näher kommen, entspannen und gleichzeitig Neues, Tieferes kennenlernen will ist hier bestens aufgehoben. Wunderbare Energie in Verbindung mit ausgezeichnete Sachkenntnis macht ihre Klasse zu einem besonderen Erlebnis.“

Jana, Creative Producer, ehemalige Tänzerin
Start your yoga journey

I will support you exploring the wisdom of your body, either with our without prior knowledge – back to the essential with love, simplicity and mindfulness. Let me support and guide you through your inner journey!