Your body holds deep wisdom in store for you. Listen and you will be given the best Guidance and gift you’ll ever find.

Somatic Bodywork Coaching in Berlin

Pantarei teaches you to reconnect with your unique personal qualities through empathy, touch and verbal communication. Panatrei is about taking the lead in your life.

Our innovative somatic bodywork based approach offers a profound methodology for our current life and times. In a world where people are often disconnected from their own inner voice, out of touch with their physical bodies and encouraged to repress their emotions, Pantarei helps people to break through incredible barriers to tap into their own unique sense of strength and purpose in order to make profound life changes and accomplish their goals.

I believe that people are born with the innate ability to create change in their own life, in order to move in whichever direction they choose. By tapping into the flow of life we are able to guide each individual on their own journey toward healing and self actualization. Empowering growth and expansion through empathetic touch and verbal communication, I believe that connection and support are the keys to encouraging full integration and helping people to accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Are you going through a difficult time and would like to be supported? Do you long for a change in your personal or business life but feel stuck? Do you need practical tools to help you deal with your stressful life?

Are you longing to free yourself from old beliefs and to live according to your own true nature? I hear you & I see you.

Somatic Bodywork Coaching is based on the Pantarei Approach and is a holistic, process-oriented approach. The combination of verbal communication and bodywork helps you to reconnect with your inner resources.

Most of the time, our greatest weaknesses are simultaneously our greatest strengths. It’s simply 2 sides of the same coin. If we look at ourselves and our history with a loving and non-judgemental view, we can make peace with what was and integrate it as the foundation of an autonomous life. Our emotions can become a source of power and clarity to us if we allow ourselves to feel them honestly as they are.

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Prices: 95€ (incl. 19% taxes)

    Coaching in Berlin mit Alexa

    Common Questions

    Why Bodywork Coaching?

    Your body already contains all the wisdom and the knowledge you will ever need on your unique path. This is exactly where the bodywork comes into play. What stories does your body tell? Touch is one of the oldest forms of communication. It can free resources within us that stimulate our nervous system and are a balm for our soul. This is why a combination of verbal and physical communication can be so precious. Spaces open up, processes are set in motion, the life force begins to flow, and suddenly this gives birth to new insights, new ideas, and perspectives.

    I am offering a free Zoom Call (15 Min.) to get to know eachother and clarify your wishes.  Click here to learn more about my prices.

    What other’s are saying:

    “Wow. This was amazing. I am normally critical of these things, but working with Alexa was a totally different and unexpected experience. It allowed me to really find myself again, and Alexa drew out of my body what I thought was long forgotten. I couldn’t recommend it more.”


    “This was such a wonderful and insightful experience, which I couldn’t recommend more to anybody. Alexa just blew me away in what she managed to read out of my body, and help me to connect with it again. Just amazing.”


    So grateful for this magical experience

    Actually I didn’t know what bodywork / Breathwork was and wouldn’t have chosen to do it, but having tried it as part of a retreat I have to say it was the most magical and transformative experience.

    “I didn’t know exactly what to expect but Alexa was very warm and welcoming, open/ easy to chat to.

    I had been doing counselling for a while to try and release some trauma and process some issues in my life. The 121 bodywork session released something stuck in my body I had been trying to release for a while.

    I definitely felt it released something heavy and stuck in my body that I had been trying to let go of for a while. I am so grateful that life intervened to give me such rich experience

    Would definitely recommend not only Alexa but also the transformative experience.”

    Start your yoga journey

    I will support you exploring the wisdom of your body, either with our without prior knowledge – back to the essential with love, simplicity and mindfulness. Let me support and guide you through your inner journey!