As a first acquaintance I am offering a preliminary talk + yoga session (75 minutes) for 85€.

Regularity it is essential for a real transition to occur. It is my intention to give you something sustainable at hand and to support you on your journey. That’s why I don’t offer just a simple private class: You will receive an audio recording for your practice at home, a discount on the group classes (in case of availability) and one Skype/telephone session for the time after your session is included.

You can, of course, also buy tickets in person.

Private Class Yoga (Live & Online)

60 min: 85 € incl. taxes

 90 min: 130 € incl. taxes

Private Class Breathwork (Live or Online)

30 min: 59 € incl. taxes

                                                                                                                           45 min: 80€ incl. taxes

60 min. 119€ incl. taxes

Pantarei Approach

Pantarei Approach Session 60 min: 90 € incl. taxes