Soul Yoga iyour return to what is essential for you. Your return home.

Soul Yoga

This way of practicing Yoga creates a safe space where you can truly listen to your inner resonances, receive the sacred messages your body and heart hold in store for you, and grow to trust them deeply. Through encountering yourself in this intimate and honest way, you will be able to explore yourself in a new way and activate your innermost power and clarity: both on the mat and in your daily life.

„In your humanness lies the seed and a deeper knowing of who you are. Yoga simply awakens this part in you that has always been there hidden under the surface.“

To me, Yoga is not a vehicle towards self-improvement or self-perfection but a route to self-acceptance. The practice is a continuous inner alignment through the development of one’s mindfulness and innate wisdom, in order to truly feel and experience what the magic of Yoga can do for us. This magic lies not in the mastery of the perfect pose, but unfolds in that beautiful inner balance between tension and release.

Ultimately, Yoga is a very individual experience. In my Yoga sessions, I always put emphasis on the student’s unique experiences and insights. It’s my intention to convey the spiritual side of Yoga in such a grounded and enlightened way that it relates directly to your daily life and supports you in your experience of it.

What characterizes my sessions: love, clarity, and mindfulness.

Yoga, to me, is a metaphor for life itself — a vibrant process towards a fulfilled, empowered way of being.


„Hold tenderly who you are and let a deeper knowing colour the shape of your humanness.“

Oriah Mountain Dreamer