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Soul Empowerment

An intensense & transforative journey into your Soulpower over a period of 6 weeks. You will learn how to tranform destructive beliefs into powerful thougths, to heal and deal with emotions and how to treat all parts of yourself with great love and kindness. Once we step into the power of our soul we overcome the feeling of helplesness & powerlessness and find an ease & inner joy instead. You are in the flow of life!

Cost: 850€

I only work with a few 1:1 clients on a long-term packages at a time to make sure I am as present as I want to be.

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SOULfull Breathing – Mind Your Energy

As a highly sensitive person you can easily feel overwhelmed and powerless by all the data you receive from the outside and inside. Yet it is a true gift if you learn to play your instrument. Every thought, every emotion, every sensation is energy. Through our felt sense we discover our inner world, find our truth and intuition. Let go of all the drama and the stories around it and simply be. Do less – be more. Its much simpler than we think!

Cost: 850€

I only work with a few 1:1 clients on a long-term packages at a time to make sure I am as present as I want to be.

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Being highly sensitive is a superpower! The term High Sensitivitywas coined by the psychologist Dr. Elaine Aaron and is generating significant interest, especially now. HSP can be a quality we are born with or one that we develop after a traumatic experience. There is currently no consensus as to how exactly a heightened sensitivity is developed. Sensitivity is characterised as the ability to feel deeply different kinds of energies, paired with a strong tendency to be affected by them, which is often experienced as a release of strong emotions and the sense of being easily imbalanced by stimuli from the outside world. Highly sensitive humans have fewer filters and thus take on an increased amount of information, not only from their environment but also from themselves. As a result, they feel “full” more quickly.

Sadly, (high) – sensitivityis often seen as a weakness. From my own experience, I know how painful it can be to always be called “weak”, a “sensitive flower” etc. and to feel different, not quite right, like an outsider. Even in my adulthood, I had a tendency to perform in a way that matched other people’s ideas or expectations and thereby overstepped my boundaries and ignored my unique needs. The results were burn-out, chronic fatigue, depression, and health problems.

I believe that one reason why I fell in love with Yoga during my very first session was that I had the feeling of being given a safe space where I was allowed simply to be, without an overwhelming amount of outside stimuli infiltrating my awareness. For many years, my mat has been my (sacred) space, a haven where I can dive into the silence, feel, digest, reflect, and integrate, in order to master my daily life from a place of empowerment and alignment. Now, I have truly found my core stability, which allows me to live Yoga from moment to moment without hitting that collapsing point of having overdone it and feeling overwhelmed. And if this does happen again, I have my amazing first-aid kit full of efficient tools that help me to be grounded and aligned again.

Yoga für Hochsensible in Berlin
More about being highly sensitive

When I first came across the concept of ‘High Sensitivity’, I was stunned to recognise myself in so many aspects and to be confirmed both in my feeling of being ‘different’ and in my frequent need to withdraw and recharge myself.

Characteristics & Qualities of those with Heightened Sensitivity:

  • Easily overwhelmed by stimuli; increased need to withdraw and recharge
  • Heightened Sensitivity to sounds and lights; tendency to avoid big crowds
  • Rich and complex inner life
  • Increased irritability
  • Great empathy; the ability to detect fine tensions and emotions in one’s (social) environment
  • Low tolerance level for stress
  • Yearning for deeply meaningful experiences
  • Innate connection with spirituality and energies
  • Perfectionism and love for detail

How yoga can help:

The aim of Yoga is connection. The combination of mindful breathing and calm movements (Vinyasa) brings body and spirit in alignment. Through focusing on the breath and the sensations felt in the body, the senses are able to relax (Pratyahara). This is a great relief for sensitive people who can have a tendency to be focusing on outside energies. Our breath is closely connected with our nervous system and our emotions, and it can thus have a deeply balancing effect when used consciously in the right way (there are contraindications). A regular practice teaches us to control our mind and our attention. The breath follows our consciousness. It is also the carrier of our life force. Where the breath goes, energy flows. By learning to direct our consciousness and thereby our breath inside, we nourish our body and can proactively counter fatigue.

Yoga is not about “achieving”, but about strengthening our ability to stay mindful and our connection with ourselves and our body. Here, on the mat, we are allowed simply to be, with everything that is, and to give it space. The practice allows us to play with our boundaries and to listen to our needs.

This is a huge relief for sensitive people who often experience themselves so overwhelmed by outside stimuli that they find it hard to focus on their inner playful creativity.

The Asanas help us to strengthen the body and to develop the resilience and core stability required in order to master the challenges of (the inner) life. Specific breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation bring us inner clarity, alignment, and the silence we have been yearning for. Affirmations stabilise us in our daily life and teach us to be more creative when it comes to the kind of life we want to manifest.

What other’s are saying:

„Soul Yoga für Hochsensible bei Alexa Posth hat meinen Horizont erweitert. Ich kann nur davon schwärmen, dass sich durch die Stunden nicht nur mein Körperbewusstsein und meine Atmung weiter entwickelt haben, sondern sich auch eine innere Ruhe bei mir eingestellt hat. Yoga für Hochsensible mit Alexa, in der Einzelstunde, ist für mich ein Glücksfall gewesen. Mein „Ich“ im Äußeren, durch Stärkung der Muskulatur und Erweiterung der Dehnbarkeit durch verschiedene Yogaübungen, zu entwickeln. Mich im Inneren besser wahrnehmen zu können, daraus resultierend mehr und mehr eine innere Stärke für vielfältigste Situationen des Lebens zu erlangen. Ich danke Alexa für diese tolle und auf Einen so persönlich zugeschnittene, immer im Jetzt, flexible und aktive Arbeit.“

Isabella, Opernsängerin

“Ich habe mich immer sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Ich konnte mich fallen lassen und konnte regenerieren. Sie leitet ihre Schüler ganz liebevoll. Als ich später Yogalehrerin wurde, habe ich weiter so viel wertvolles von Alexa lernen dürfen und kann Alexa’s Unterricht nur von Herzen empfehlen.”

Kate Hall, Yogalehrerin, Sängerin

“Seit mehr als 6 Jahren begleitet mich Alexa auf meinem persönlichen Yogaweg und hat mich dabei immer wieder unterstützt meine innere Balance wieder zu finden. Ihre achtsame Haltung ist unglaublich berührend und wohltuend… Einfach eintauchen, atmen und spüren…”

Daniela, Psychologin, Psychotherpaeutin i.A.
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