I could never imagine having a profession that did not include the body in one way.  Somehow, the body has always been an instrument for expressing my inner world, my feelings and connecting to something greater. Only later, when I started to study musical theater, acting, and then yoga, breathwork and bodywork, did I understand more about the huge intelligence, wisdom and creativity that lie within.

The body is so much more than just physical, it is a pure miracle that we can only experience, but never fully understand.  And so is the body-mind connection. In our imagination, we often locate the mind in the head or brain. The reason is probably because the intellect is one part of the mind. In the moment we consciously feel and sense into the body we bring the mind into the body. And where our attention goes our breath follows.

Everything is interconnected and has an impact on one another. Breathing is influenced by how we are feeling. Conscious Movement opens up the body. We start to feel. As a result emotions, images or memories can come up. Someone’s touch can provide a feeling of safety and we suddenly become emotional.

Having said that, sometimes we experience a sensation of being cut off, as if we are numb and unable to feel anything, that is happening inside of us including our needs, wants, wishes, what we love, what we like & dislike, and the effects of all the life experiences we have had.

So what exactly does change when we start to feel and sense inside and remember our bodies?

We feel unwell when our bodies feel unwell. Have you ever experienced sleep deprivation? Most of the time we lack the motivation to take action. Our thinking is scattered and unclear. The same holds true when we are experiencing a moment of great joy. Suddenly our breath depends, the chest opens and we experience a lifting sensation.

When we are going through a breakup is a further example. Our entire physical and emotional well-being are affected. We mentally cycle through all the talks, tales, and concepts. And that only worsens our feeling. Is is not?

Now imagine yourself being surrounded by your loved ones, by people you trust the most. People who value and respect you. Even though your heart will still be broken and hurting, something is beginning to happen. Maybe you are experiencing one of the greatest paradoxes of life: to love & to feel disappointed or angry at the same time for the same person. While your loved ones are holding you in this safe zone, your emotions can flow through your body, find release, and possibly find resolution and peace over time. You can fully absorb and integrate all of your experience through this process of integration, which also strengthens your relationship with yourself. Your values and the things that are important to you will suddenly become clear to you. Occasionally, we make unexpected connections in our life stories and begin to comprehend ourselves better.

Knowledge is useless until it lives in the body. Our visions, dreams, and ideals are not yet alive as long as we are not living them. The same is true of our feelings. When we own our emotions, we stop projecting them outside of ourselves, which inevitably leads to misunderstanding and conflict. Our visions, dreams, and ideals are not yet alive as long as we are not living them. But frequently, we must first clarify what these are.

Once we learn to tune in and pay attention to all the feelings coursing through our entire body, our body becomes a trustworthy source. Sensations help us understand where we are right now and guide us to the answers we require in every scenario and instant. This ability returns the power we were ceding to outside authorities.

The body’s intelligence and wisdom often go unnoticed or underappreciated in our modern society, where emphasis is often placed on the mind and intellect.

Bodywork,  Yoga, Breathwrok and other movement modalities, often encourage us to be present and attentive to our bodies and emotions. The body holds a wealth of information and plays a crucial role in our overall well-being. It’s not just a physical vessel; it’s a medium through which we experience and express our emotions, gain insights about ourselves, we find a feeling of deep inner peace and a sense of belonging. By doing so, we can develop a more profound understanding of ourselves and our experiences. This allows us to navigate through life and also enhances our relationships.